Zephyr follows the story of a band of thieves turned pop stars—Connor, Izzy and Alec— and April, a girl dissatisfied with her life who gets caught up in the band’s whirlwind and somehow comes out the other side doing better than she went in.

It is late May, 2001.

The story opens in a seemingly bucolic small Vermont town. But beneath the sleepy surface there are cracks. A serious ring of Boston-Montreal drug-smugglers are edging into the area, and starting to sell to the local kids. April is a girl who just graduated high school, living with her father. The two are growing ever further apart. April blames her Dad for her Mother’s suicide. Lately, April has begun going out with Greg, a wannabe fraternity boy who unbeknownst to April is dealing drugs in order to curry favor with the local rich kids.

Harriet is the vicious drug-smuggler in charge of operations in the town. We meet her just as she is being robbed by a mysterious man in a garish mask. The masked man escapes into the night, leaving Harriet to explain to her superiors why all her drugs have vanished. So Harriet seeks the help of a traveling gang of three thieves, known to roam the northeast but who have never been identified.

Those three thieves, as you may already have guessed, will soon become the band Zephyr—but not just yet. Harriet sends them to a concert a few towns over. A concert where the british punkrock band Naked Wire is set to play the most pretentious show in history. Somehow, Harriet has got wind that her stolen drugs have been placed in the guitar of Naked Wire’s frontman, a bloke named Rod Ben. Connor, Izzy and Alec have to pinch the guitar. Night falls.

By the oddest of coincidences, April and Greg are going to the very same show. Night falls on them, too.

Connor, Izzy and Alec get the guitar out from under Naked Wire’s noses without a hitch. It’s when they try to run away that things start to go wrong. See, April has had just about enough of sitting in the auditorium with Greg and his sickish frat bro buddies, who keep making suggestive comments about what April and Greg are going to do after the show. April wouldn’t even mind except that they’re just so dumb. So when she catches a glimpse through the curtain of three figures sprinting away with a guitar, one of them in a gorilla costume (it wasn’t a perfect heist, improvisations had to be made), April heads out of the concert hall to see what’s going on.

Her timing could have been better. Or not, depending on how you see it. April walks around the corner of the hall right smack into Connor. This would be fine—and very romantic—but Connor is currently carrying a guitar filled with incredibly expensive drugs. The guitar tumbles from Connor’s hands and smashes upon the ground, showering them all in orange powder.

Well, at this point there was only one thing to do. Harriet and the drug lords were coming to pick up their goods, and if they found them splattered on the ground it was going to be lead-eating time for the thieves. And April, most likely. So the three outlaws did the only thing crazy enough to work: they brushed off the drugs, snuck back into the concert hall and walked on stage as Zephyr: the brand new up-and-coming pop band, intending to be Naked Wire’s warm-up act, but if good ol’ Rod Ben doesn’t seem to have his guitar we’d be happy to play their show.

This is where the story starts to get weird. Because it works. The thieves don’t get up there and fumble a few hideous chords while murmuring apologies into the mics. No, they play a show not only together, but so good that the audience forgets where they are. It’s music for the soul. It’s electricity for the brain. It’s a really freaking good.  In the audience, April watches in awe. This is the life for her.

Later, the band hits someone with a car, plays a show in a quarry and get in a fight in a church, while April pens the best song ever and has to decide between family and fame. The masked man makes trouble and almost makes everyone part of the music and Harriet just will not stay dead. Greg has to choose whether he is in fact as much of a dick as he thinks he is, while the drug lords bide their time: they know when to make an entrance…

But you’re going to have to go to the movie to see that. Watch it online for free, right here!

Now get out there and play your adventure.


Sincerely, Zephyr.